Flying Dentist

At Jayam, we have launched Flying Dentist – that covers 360 degree oral care at home, from Dental Consultation to every possible Dental procedure. The program improves general health of the patients by improving their oral health at home. Flying Dentist has helped more than 100 non-ambulatory patients with acute dental pain and other patients who are in need of oral care at home.

Flying Dentist Highligts
  • Top Notch

  • World-class Clinical facilities

  • High Safety Standards at Home

  • General Physician Consultation

  • Routine Dental Check-ups

  • Review Visits after Dental Treatments


Our expert Optometrists are available at an hour of your convenience for regular eye check ups to help the elderly live orderly and peaceful lives.


Now, you can protect your loved ones at home through ResQ, a wearable device about the size of a water bottle cap. In case of an emergency, pressing the logo for about 3 seconds will activate a panic button, which will transmit distress signals continuously to a phone with the ResQ button app.

ResQ has been specifically designed for the elderly and for those with certain medical conditions that would render them immobile.

Coming to the ResQ:

“My father who has vision impairment had a serious fall in 2018, which left him bed ridden for a very long time. We are so relieved that we have the ResQ button and a dedicated Helpee Hand at all times.”

– Sadiya C A, Bangalore

“The ResQ button is a game changer for me – to know that my mother has it on 24/7 ensuring that I am only a ‘press’ away in an emergency is so reassuring and a total relief for me.”

– Usha Sridhar, Chennai

Pocket ECG

PocketECG, the portable ECG monitoring device, is the complete diagnostic solution for diagnosis of arrhythmia, and provides full disclosure ECG signal, complete data, analysis as well as comprehensive reporting, allowing for heart monitoring at home. The PocketECG personal heart monitoring system makes more precise diagnosis possible, even in cases that may go undetected with offline monitoring.

Roughly the size of a smartphone, PocketECG is the next generation in cardiac rehabilitation monitoring and combines flexible, remote intensity controlled workouts with comprehensive ECG monitoring to help patients safely recover from a cardiac event.

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