Having anytime access to a specialist from the comfort and convenience of their home, was a privilege only a few could enjoy until now. 

Our doctor home visits eliminate disruptions in busy schedules due to frequent trips for consultations, tests or reviews. This service is especially beneficial for senior citizens who may be immobile, or patients recovering from chronic illnesses or major surgeries.

Patients receive detailed assessments and expert guidance at their residence, and access to detailed care plans for recovery.

How does it work?

Our doctors liaise with your primary doctor or other specialist consultant to discuss medications. The care plan is updated and if there are any other concerns, they may be communicated. After a proper clinical navigation, high- risk elderly patients are scheduled and receive proper follow-up care and other support services.

Our services include:

Home Dialysis

We have recently tied up with VINITA hospital for the Home Dialysis service, which encompasses the following:


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