Infused with empathy, professionalism and respect, our multidisciplinary team of qualified doctors , nurses and physiotherapists provide excellent senior care in the comfort of your homes to help your loved ones age gracefully and go on with life, comfortably.

We understand the importance of healthy living and provide preventive and curative care at your homes and guide you in making the right Healthcare and lifestyle choices, considering the needs of the seniors in your home.

Our staff is trained to assist patients in:

At Jayam, a qualified team of medical and nursing staff follows up with you to provide the necessary medical care, help you understand your state of health and advise you on navigating the health care system and provide you with the best possible options:

Services include:


At Jayam, your loved ones get the best treatment post discharge. Our post hospitalisation services are personalised to individual needs and competently delivered at the comfort of your homes. 

We offer skilled medical services for a period ranging from a few days to a few weeks after a hospital stay. This is even more critical for those who have undergone major surgeries or have axperienced critical illness

– Specialized after-discharge care is required for such pand it is important to follow an evidence-based  regime to avoid unnecessary complications and to ensure speedy recovery.

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