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Are you looking for a genuine & holistic healthcare provider for the elders in your family or patients with special needs? Are you in search of professional healthcare services that are driven by compassion and integrity?

Welcome to Jayam Home Health Care – the professional Elder care Management organisation. For over two decades, Jayam has lived up to its name by bringing quality healthcare to senior citizens and patients within the comfort of their homes, thereby improving their quality of lives.

In doing so, Jayam has created a legacy for itself by taking healthcare beyond the definition of the word, and offering holistic services, best-in-class clinical outcomes and uncompromising standards of service.

Jayam Home Healthcare was established as a professional Elder care Management organisation; by a team of highly experienced and passionate medical professionals. Jayam is a novel initiative formed with a goal of enhancing the quality of life of elders by providing Geriatric Care Management Services.

At Jayam, we believe that geriatric care is much more than just diagnosing and treating diseases and age related health conditions among the elderly, and strive to empower older individuals so that they can continue living their lives to the fullest.

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