Here in Jayam clinic with well-qualified staffs, supervisors and advisory panel with expert specialists in various fields, we provide excellent routine health checkups and medication services. To add accuracy to our routine ( Monthly ) tasks we deploy hygienic and well-ventilated rooms; ECG & X-Ray scanning blended with most modern technology, digital & portability concepts; testing systems to ensure the credibility of drugs before prescribing them to patients as per prerequisites; instant ambulance services all which serve as various faces of our promptness, sincerity, and efficiency. Whenever required we provide treatment in ‘on-call home delivery’ mode also, relieving the patients who face difficulties in making way towards the clinic. To enrich our services we have “Health Management Information System” using which we procure, analyze, research and protect medical information which we obtain from our day to day operations. Such health information technology tools have greatly helped us in providing quality health care to our patients.

Routine Health Check Up Chennai

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