For all the hospitals and the clinics, the various installed machines serve as principal organs of a body whereby doctors and nurses together constitute the brain that operates them. Like how the healthy principal organs are necessary for a body to undertake any required reflex action, the well maintained and the sanitized machines are very much necessary for the hospitals to respond to the emergency situations of the patients. For those who visit our clinic, the equipments we use depict the extreme health consciousness which we, the Jayam clinic exercise.
For the patients suffering from various respiratory diseases such as asthma (Breathing difficulty), cystic fibrosis, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), etc. whereby the natural air supply to lungs is obstructed we have effecive treatment like Nebulizers for the provision of the artificial oxygen supply.
Apart from ECG for examining the well-being of the heart we also employ well-advanced CBG (Capillary Blood Glucose) testing that determines whether the blood sugar level is in healthy condition or not thereby giving proactive protection against diseases like diabetes (due to abnormally high sugar level); impaired mental and bodily functioning, unconsciousness, sweating, pale complexion (all due to low glucose level) etc.
Together with these machines efficiently handled by the medical experts we here implement the concept of nipping the nemesis in the very root.

Breathing Treatment  In Chennai

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