Providing improved health care to chronic illness is a major challenge every hospital or clinic faces in its day to day operations. We all know that in India almost 60 per cent of deaths account occurs due to chronic illness. Here at Jayam clinic, we are highly organized and well equipped with the sufficient number of able employees working under the supervision of a group of distinguished professionals; instant commutation services; machinery with inbuilt ultramodern technology like portable X-Ray; well spaced hygienic rooms those ensure proper ventilation and all basic amenities required by patients.We provide Palliative Care for Chronically Ill Patients. We have a dedicated team for chronic diseases like kidney failure, cancer, cirrhosis, etc. By doing consistent research on medical data and treatment history which we store digitally and by incorporating the most modern technology in the diagnosis of the diseases we have been successful in getting the patients cured of the chronic diseases even before they reach the advanced stage.

Palliative Care for Chronically Ill Patients Chennai


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