We all know how aging makes people physically incapable. It will reduce their body immunity making it difficult for them to get recovered if any disease or any sort of accident befalls them. This is the time in which they require along with proper medication, the utmost care and more particular amicable atmosphere that will give them pleasance thereby increasing their mental strength. Keeping this in mind, we have a new elder & palliative care service center named as “SUKHINO BHAVANTU”. Here we provide accommodation and pure hygienic vegetarian food for elders who are suffering from illness and incapacitation.
In the same Geriatric Home Health Care center in another section, we provide palliative/hospice care for varied conditions like cancer, end stage renal failure, cirrhosis. We also undertake PEG/Tracheotomy care, Bedsore/Catheter/Ryle’s tube care. The entire center is equipped with the sufficient number of attenders who in turn are under supervision by well-trained staff in (24*7) manner.

Palliative Care Services Chennai

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