We all know that nowadays technological and automation concepts renowned for quickness and efficacy have started penetrating in each and every walk of our life, even in our household activities. We are particularly concerned with going on par with the modern technology. Here we have the most modern types of equipment making many treatments and medical check-ups easier and more efficient.

Our bedside digital X-ray provision is one among the good examples for the technological advancement of our clinic and care center which is particularly meant for the convenience of bed-ridden patients. We are always concentrated in researching about technological advancements taking place in the medical field and updating ourselves accordingly. We also use this bedside X-ray provision when we visit and treat patients in their respective homes whenever required. Our ECG machines also exhibit the same advantages of being portable & digital.

Our lab is also fully computerized and its day to day operations are being supervised by a qualified microbiologist who is also an infectious disease specialist and NABH certified trainer.

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