The efficiency of every hospital or clinic lies in its promptness in responding to casualty and emergency situations without any hesitation. Our clinic and care centre are operating in a round-the-clock manner throughout the week without any time constraint or without any halt in our day-to-day operations. We are providing 24 hours emergency services. We are particularly focused on making sure that our patients do get treatment in time, as and when required. Our staffs are molded for this. We view our first customer and one-thousandth customer with the same importance. This kind of citizenship behavior or innate passion towards the job above and beyond the call of duty is the ‘foundation stone’ of which our Jayam clinic has been built. We are always equipped with sufficient staffs and spaces for any sort of emergency or casualty treatment. Our entire Emergency and Casualty care services have basic life support certification. Emergency staffs are qualified according to international standards. They are ably guided and supervised by experienced doctors and nurses. For apt supervision of treatment, we have experienced doctors and nurses who can with their experience provide guidance to our staff. All our staffs are very keen in updating themselves with fresh knowledge that boosts their efficiency in handling emergency and casualty situations.

24 Hours Emergency Service In Chennai

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