Do You Really Know What Is Palliative care?

Posted On 23/11/2017

Palliative care is considered as a type of health care which focused on reducing the severity of disease symptoms and to relieve pain. Palliative care is a very important aspect for the patients and their families, especially who suffer from pain which can lead them to enjoy the life easily without suffering until they died.
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Aim of the treatment

Palliative care focuses on the relief of suffering for the patient with serious and complex illness and tricks to ensure the best possible quality of life for them and their family members. It is delivered at the same time as other appropriate curative and life-prolonging treatments and is not limited to the terminally ill. In this respect, it is not limited to hospice care a component of palliative care focused on the care of the terminally ill who have opted to stop life-prolonging treatments.

Palliative Care – A teamwork

Teamwork in palliative care is very important and the team consists of doctors, nurses, social worker, physiotherapist, pharmacist, dietitian and the patient is an essential of the team as well as their family. The priority of the family is to provide as much as quality life for the patient.

Benefits of Palliative Care


The patient can have a less depressive mood, improve quality of life, able to avoid the risks associated with treatment and hospitalization and has decreased costs with improved utilization of health care resources. Benefits also extend to caregivers, family, and friends, which demonstrate greater satisfaction with the quality care and attention to caregiver needs.
The staffs at Jayam Polyclinic are accommodating and approachable. They are ready to solve any issues at any time. Jayam Polyclinic, Chennai offer accessible, affordable, informative and compassionate and quality treatment for those who are suffering from serious diseases.

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