Jayam Home Heath Care Services – A Professional Healthcare Services in the comfort of your Home

Posted On 15/12/2017

Jayam Home Health Care Services were specially developed for the elderly, patients who have undergone major surgeries and also for the other patients who need medical care at the comfort of their home.
Reaching a hospital these days being a hindrance, these services come handy. At Jayam Home Healthcare Services, we understand the patients, so were these services designed just for the comfort of them at their home.

Adults who are down with illness, who have undergone major surgeries will need personal medical attention to help them out in all their activities until they recover. Reach out to us for these services.
Routine medical check-ups, Blood and Urine Investigations, medication services are also part of the Jayam Home Health Care services.

Role of Jayam Home Health Care Chennai in Home Nursing Services

To care for the patients at their own home, Jayam has a huge team of licensed male and female staff such as Doctors, Nurses, Dieticians, physiotherapists and an array of other medical professionals.

Besides medication, Jayam’s home nursing services include

  • Blood diagnosis
  • Sample collection for investigations
  • Injections
  • Blood Pressure check-up
  • Wound dressing for the patients
  • Training patients for physical exercises/exercises with the support of machines
  • Wound management
  • Palliative care
  • Diet Assessment & Advice
  • X-ray etc

You name it in medical care and we provide them for you

Benefits of Home Nursing Services

Jayam Home Nursing Services is a convenient and affordable service that particularly helps patients to avail nursing and patient care services in the comfort of their home. These services provide individual care to the patients.
The Smiling and enthusiastic nurses and medical professionals at Jayam are trained to care for the patients to make them feel stress-free in their own home. These services have been handy to many of the patients and we have a long list of happy patients.

Reach out to us if you need CARE for your elders.

We care for your elders as you would care for them.

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