Dr. Ramesh Sadasivan

Jayam Poly Clinic and Nursing Home are a Primary Care Centre that provides 24/7 emergency medical services. The founder, Dr. Ramesh Sadasivan, is an MBBS, F.C.I.P, General Physician with over 13 years of experience in the field. While serving for the needy for over a decade, Dr. Ramesh realized there was a need to establish an organized home health and nursing service. He, therefore, founded and established Jayam Home Health Care in 2014.

At Jayam, we take meticulous care in recruiting nursing staff from different cadres of medical science. Apart from routine training at our hospital, we fine-tune the skills of selected nursing staff by means of:

  • Sessions arranged with experienced practitioners and doctors.
  • Workshops training conducted by various training academies. Some of our staffs are sponsored to undergo workshop training at TACT Academy for Clinical training.
  • Exposing them to varied medical conditions in the hospital.

We have collaborated with renowned specialists from numerous corporate hospitals and seek the expert opinion when needed. Our caregivers hence are not just limited to our well-trained nursing staff but also include these specialists from various medical streams who, along with us, strive to provide the best medical resolutions available through their immense knowledge and expertise.

Our caregivers are well versed with the process of transition required for the patients who need further medical treatment. The specialists can be consulted with prior appointments and we always try to provide a myriad of services under one roof for our loyal clients. In addition to this, we have an advisory board of Geriatricians ad Palliative physicians, all veterans with keen insight, for providing apt guidance to our caregivers whenever required. We provides highly skilled patient care takers.

The most important factor that prompts a layman to prefer a particular hospital is its readiness in responding to emergency situations. It is where we make our mark. We have qualified doctors under whose supervision both routine and emergency medical services are extended in a round-the-clock manner. We have a panel of doctors divided zone-wise thereby ensuring quick accessibility for our customers.

Our emergency services are not confined to the hospital alone. We do undertake emergency house visits on-call without any time constraint, adding more convenience to patients. This medical care service has become our unique identity, thanks to expert Doctors and Nursing Superintendents.

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